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Needing an EV charging station installed at your home or workplace for one or more electric vehicles? Want an easy way to manage your vehicle fleet electronically?  We can help!

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Residential & Commercial EV Charging Station Installation & Maintenance

Located in Hamilton, but available for customers with electric vehicles within the Waikato, BOP and Auckland regions, we can assist you with all of your electrical vehicle charger requirements. Our experienced and highly qualified electricians will help you from the initial assessment of your EV requirements, through to the installation of your EV charger at work or home.

 In many homes and workplaces, a standard power socket isn’t sufficient or safe to use for EV charging. Instead, the installation of an EV charging station or specialist electric vehicle supply equipment, by a registered electrician is required.

We are happy to visit your home or workplace to provide a quote which includes details about the power level and circuit breaker required, the distance of cable run, any additional electrical upgrades required and if any permits and/or inspections will be necessary.

For the installation of your EV charging station, book us today!

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Electric Vehicle Full Fleet Management

Does your workplace have a fleet of electric vehicles, or are looking to develop one shortly? We can assist you with the establishment of a system to allow you to manage and monitor your EV fleet remotely.

Helping you keep track of maintenance schedules, procurement scheduling, charging time, plus the identification of charging stations and batteries not working at optimum levels remotely, saves your company valuable time and money.

To discuss how we can help you with your EV fleet management, plus the installation and maintenance of EV charging stations, contact us today.

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